BLASTCAP formulations can be pure nutrients that do not require the harmful chemicals and sugars prevalent in all drinks formulated for shelf-stability.

Potency nutrients ‘Blasted’ at time of consumption are more potent and BIO-AVAILABLE (readily absorbed by body) than those diluted by preservatives and destroyed in the hot-fill process

Freshness active ingredients are mixed at moment of consumption thus reinforcing freshness to the consumer.

Value BCT beverages are price competitive as the cap costs are offset by the elimination of costly preservatives, hot filling, and reduced shipping expense.

Taste and Fun formulated for taste and fun to Blast.

GenCanna’s success in the production of cannabinoids through industrial hemp cultivation and processing is born through The GenCanna Production Platform™ (GPP).

Global Supplier of Hemp CBD food, health and personal care products.

Triple Bottom Line vision dedicated to social, economic and environmental improvement through the cultivation of industrial hemp.

Leading research in CBD-rich industrial hemp at its campus in Winchester, Kentucky and with local farming partners, using novel hemp propagation and cultivation techniques.

Premium genetics and innovative agronomic processes ensure the same high quality through outdoor cultivation and harvest.